How the pallet height is calculated

First we understand how pallet height is calculated in Axapta. After that we will know what requirements are not covered in Axapta.

Pallet consist of layers, layer has quantity of items.

Pallet with items

Quantity per layer is setup for one item and one pallet type: Inventory management > Item details > Item form > Setup tab > Warehouse management field group > Quantity per layer field.

Let’s assume that Company has some pallet with 40 “Bottle” items. Qty per layer for this pallet is 5. In this case number of pallet layers is 40 / 5 = 8.

Layer height is item height.

Item height is setup only for inventory unit: Inventory management > Item details > Item form > Setup tab > Physical dimensions field group > Gross height field.

Let’s assume that item gross height is 60 centimeters. In this case the total pallet height with 40 Bottle items is 60cm * 8 = 480cm (layers height * layers qty).

That is all.

What Axapta doesn’t provide?

User can setup qty per layer only for one pallet type. I.e. Axapta suppose that item is received only on one pallet type.

User can setup item gross height (and width and depth) only for inventory unit. I.e. Axapta suppose that item is purchased and stored in one unit. If for example item is received in purchase unit with other sizes then this is not handled.

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