Why DynamicsAxTraining?

DynamicsAxTraining.com was founded in 2009 to help people throughout the world learn and refresh their understanding of basic business processes and their implementation in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP at no cost. This free website contains explanations of major topics in the main areas: Financials, Trade & Logistics, and Production.

Later we have created an additional option which contains more materials in high-quality PDF format. So, you can download and print all of our materials.

About the Author

My name is Volodymyr. I am from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am a Dynamics AX developer. I have been working with Dynamics AX from 2006. During this time I have been participating in various projects. The best ones are in Broadcast media and Warehouse management areas.

I have successfully passed 7 certifications and became the Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional Developer for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

I am also a blogger and I like the functional part of Dynamics AX.

ERP software requires that developers have expertise in many different areas. Besides programming languages, developers must also know different subject matters (Logistics, Finance, Production, etc.) and business processes. That is why I have decided to write training Dynamics AX materials that describe business processes and its implementation in Dynamics AX.

Core materials

This site contains PDF-format DAX 2009 training materials for self-studying. It contains the following courses: Financials, Trade & Logistics, Production.

All lessons are available on the site. And you can easily read them from the site. But some lessons are cut and available only in PDF format. For example this one.

Courses in PDF format are paid ones. You can find the courses’ list and the prices here: http://www.dynamicsaxtraining.com/client-access/all-courses

You can start reading lessons from the site for free. In this case you can understand if training materials are suitable for you. When you reach a lesson that is cut, you can purchase the course in PDF format.

When you purchase a course in PDF format you also receive a 50% discount for future course editions. For example if you purchase “Financials in DAX 2009” PDF, you have a 50% discount for “Financials in DAX 2012” PDF. Please take into account that the next edition release date can be in 1 year.


Since I am developing and blogging I don’t have a lot of free time. That is why I do not provide onsite trainings.

Currently, I am upgrading the Financials course from DAX 2009 to DAX 2012. Then, I am planning to upgrade the Trade & Logistics course.

I am constantly upgrading the courses and write new articles about Dynamics AX. Please follow me on Facebook to be aware of the updates.


If you have any questions, please contact me via this form.

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