Production life cycle

Agenda Introduction Prerequisite Setup Creating a New BOM Item Creating a BOM Creating a Route Purchasing BOM Components Creating a Production Order Estimating Scheduling Releasing Shipping Components Starting Posting a

Routes and Operations

Agenda Introduction Route Operations Route Networks Route Operation Parameters Times Consumed by Operation Cost of Operation How Operations are Treated in Microsoft Dynamics AX Summary Introduction In this training lesson,

Work Centers(Resources)

Agenda Introduction Setting Up a Work Center Working Time Input Location Ledger Posting Default Parameters for Operation Summary Introduction In this training lesson, we will learn what a work center

Bills of Material

Agenda Introduction Creating Components Creating BOM Item Creating Sub-BOM Items Creating BOM Checking how it works Creating BOMs for the Chair Arm and Substructure BOM Items Configuring the Chair Arm

Basic concepts

Agenda Introduction Setting Up Materials Required for Product Creation Setting Up Resources Required for the Product Creation Accounting materials and resources required for production of a product Summary Introduction Hi!