What is Lock, Deadlock in Dynamics AX

Agenda Introduction Lock Lock on insert Example Lock on update, delete Example Deadlock Example deadlock on insert Resolve deadlocks Summary Introduction In this article you can find information about what


Hi! I am struggling with Dynamics AX 2012 now. It consume a lot of energy =) I have fond one issue that should be changed in standard Dynamics AX 2012

Update assembly configuration file on the fly (from code)

The following code could be used to update the DLL configuration file from the code. It could be useful for example when User changes some parameter in Dynamics AX and

Get “available physical” values for specific item+dimensions per batch

Hi! Use the following code to get On-hand values for specific item + dimensions (warehouse, configuration, size and color) per warehouse, location, pallet, batch. Set required ItemId and inventDim (inventDim

Add form controls without form modification

Hi! Sometimes Customer requires that developed solution doesn’t touch the standard forms, because Customer wants minimize the merge process. If you should add some controls to the form without form

Module logo

Hi! I have received the following task: Create new module in Dynamics AX and assign image or logo to this module. Let’s develop this task. Module is created very easy:

How to copy dynamic links from one query to another

See example below: public void init() { Query query = new Query(queryStr(myQuery)); super(); SysQuery::copyDynalinks(query, this.query()); this.query(query); }

How to access field in a table using this field id

To do this you could use next construction: myTable.( filednum( myTable, myField ) ) = “XXX”; This is the same as myTable.myField = “XXX”; Example: Field AccountNum from CustTable have

Write down the record

To write down the record, which have been just created and does not have modifications use data source method ForceWrite. This method can be used to mark the record as

How to make dialog fields mandatory

See example below on how implement mandatory fields in dialog: boolean ret; FilePath workFolder; Dialog dlg; DialogField dfWorkFolder; FormStringControl fsc; FormGroupControl fgc; ; dlg = new Dialog( “@CDT135” ); dfWorkFolder