Currency Setup in Dynamics AX 2009

Good Day! Today we will be looking at Currency Setup in Dynamics AX 2009. Our agenda will be to learn following things: Create currencies in Dynamics AX Currency setup in

Realized loss, Realized profit, Unrealized loss, Unrealized profit

Realized profit and unrealized profit are other income in nature. And unrealized loss and realized loss are other expenses in nature. Example: Your company currency is CAD and record a

The cursor is invalid for instantiating recordViewCache

If you receive the “The cursor is invalid for instantiating recordViewCache” message then try to move your method in the server side. For example if you have class that extend

How the pallet height is calculated

First we understand how pallet height is calculated in Axapta. After that we will know what requirements are not covered in Axapta. Pallet consist of layers, layer has quantity of

Delete company transaction

If you want to delete all company transaction in demo data do following: Find SysDatabaseTransDelete class (AOT -> Classes -> SysDatabaseTransDelete) Right click on this class and select Open Agree

Address book number sequence

If you encounter with error “Number sequence for the reference Address book ID in parameters in the Global address book module has not been set up” do following: Go to