Vendor returns

Agenda Introduction Create and Post Initial Purchase Order Purchase Order with Negative Quantity Post Return Order Payment from Vendor Payment to Vendor Speed Up the Creation of a Return Order

Transfer orders

Agenda Introduction Prerequisite Step Setup Create Transfer Order Pick Items to Transfer Ship Transfer Order Item Arrival and Registration Receive Transfer Order Summary Introduction Hi there! In this training lesson,

Quality management

Agenda Introduction Set Up Initial Data Set Up Test Area Set Up Test Instruments Set Up Tests Set Up Test Variables Set Up Item Sampling Set Up Test Groups Set

Quarantine management

Agenda Introduction Create and Set Up an Item Set Up a Warehouse Order Items Item Arrival and Registration Transfer Pallets to Quarantine Warehouse Quarantine Management Transfer Pallets to Destination Location

Post an Invoice

Agenda Introduction How to post an Invoice Sales Taxes Commissions Post an invoice Summary Introduction Hi, in this training lesson, we will finalize the work with the sales order. The

Post the packing slip

Agenda Introduction How to post the packing slip Shipping carrier interface Set Up Carrier Set New Delivery Mode Set New Term of Delivery Post the packing slip Analyze Result Summary


Agenda Introduction Confirmation Create Output Order Create shipment Prepare for Picking. Reservation Picking Loading Release Shipment Summary Introduction Hello! Today the Sales Manager confirms the sales order and starts the

Create sales order

Agenda Introduction Create Customer Create sales order Available to promise (ATP) Summary Introduction In this training lesson, we are going to create a Customer and a Sales order. From the

Sales business process

Hi Axapta mate! In this training lesson we examine the sale flow. The following roles are involved in the sales process: Sales Manager Shipment Manager Warehouse Worker Truck Driver Customer

Post an Invoice

Agenda Introduction Post an Invoice Posting results Purchase order financial posting Summary Introduction This is the final step in updating a Purchase order. The Purchase Manager receives a hard copy