Available trainings:

These trainings contain step by step explanation of business processes and their realization in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. A lot of information is free for read, but some topics are hidden. Increase your value as a Microsoft Dynamics AX developer or consultant right now.

You can download the full PDF versions of these trainings here. Enjoy 😉

About Free Axapta Training

When I first opened Axapta, I was scared. A lot of fields, grids, buttons, forms…. What are all these? Who will teach me? What processes are beneath Microsoft Dynamics AX interface? I was constantly asking myself these questions when I began to study Axapta. I tried to read the tutorials but they were boring to me and couldn’t provide a full picture of application and business processes.

Why do we use software? To improve and simplify life! And Microsoft Dynamics AX is no exception. Axapta has been developed to simplify and improve life. All processes that are beneath fields, grids, buttons, and forms are taken from life. People establish business processes as easy as possible so that we can understand such processes and their implementation in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

I am a Axapta developer and can say that ERP software is really difficult for developers. Besides programming languages, developers must also know different subject matters (Logistics, Finance, Production, etc.). A developer can spend a lot of time trying to understand what some controls are used for.

In Axapta Training, we will learn basic processes of company life and how these processes are implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta). I will write lessons to illustrate each separate topic. For example, Purchase business process lesson explains the purchase process steps, documents, roles. The next lessons contain information how this process is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Each theme has the following sections:

  1. Process description
  2. How this processes is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  3. Step by step explanation

Lessons cover the scope of Microsoft Dynamics training materials. If you are already familiar with some topics, you can simply omit them and find what you are really interested in.

Step by step we will learn the main modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Without a doubt, this training will be a discovery for you. If you are a beginner and have questions about fields, grids, buttons, or forms, you can find simple answers for questions in Axapta Training. Join the training right now.